Vinyl Product

Anico [Angio/I'vs/C-arm Vinyl Cover]

  • • Operation is easy because the cover is transparent and it can protect blood clot and infection
  • • It is possible to keep the device always clean because it protects the time consumption
         by cleaning the blood clot on device’s main components and unclear removal of it
  • • With inexpensive cost, it can provide by uniquely producing the manufacturer and the form of shape
Angio Equipment cover
-01(30cm-1ea) -501(50cm-1ea) -01301(90cm-1ea, 30cm-1ea)
-601(60cm-1ea) -701(70cm-1ea) -901501(90cm-1ea, 50cm-1ea)
-901(90cm-1ea) -1201(120cm-1ea) -9015011201(90cm-1ea, 50cm-1ea, 120cm-1ea)
I'vs cover
-301(30cmX180cm-1ea) -501(50cmX180cm-1ea) -501-1(50cmX230cm-1ea)
C-arm cover
-C801(80cm-1ea) -C901(90cm-1ea)