Daiseung Medics started as K.C.R. Trading Co., Ltd. in April 1994 and was renamed as Daiseung Medics Co., in November 1999.
We have so far produced, imported, sold, serviced, studied, and developed the medical devices.
As we are a specialized company in the Radiation Accessories field,
the main products are X-ray Protective Product and Stress View Device.

We also sell Ultra Sound Accessories and Sanitary Disposables and put efforts to expand our business into various medical fields
by studying and developing the oriental medical devices and medical devices for home use.

  • 'Professionalism’ We have more than 40 patents and utility models. We produce and sell the products developed with our own technologies.
  • 'Various Certifications' We strive to improve the product quality by acquiring quality certificates such as GMP, ISO, and GHV and product and technology certificates such as NET, FDA, and CE.
  • 'R&D' We carry out industry-university cooperation project and national supported R&D and put efforts to study and develop new technologies and new products. We also put efforts to develop the oriental medical devices and medical devices for home use.
  • 'Service' We will do our best to provide customers with the products that they want and definite warranty service after the sales.


  • Mission
    By providing the best products and services related to biomedical science to customers, we will contribute to improve the national health and promote the silver culture.
  • Core Value
    Professionalism of Organization Members
    Development·Export of Strategic Products
    Performing Social Roles
  • Vision
    Small but Strong and Technology Innovation Company that leads Biomedical Science
  • Goal
    Effective Management
    Systemization of Creative Organization
    Global Corporate Management
  • Key Strategy
    Construct a Business Structure
    - Develop high-value medical devices
    - Establish business strategies by market
    - Proceed the importing and exporting
           of medical devices

    - Transform the quality and design
           of the main products

    Establish the Business Management System
    - Strengthen professional ability
    - Establish the performance
           management system

    - Continuous activation of organization