2016.03.Korea University Graduate School of Management of Technology Family Enterprise
2016.12.Award Certification from Park Won-soon, the Mayer of Seoul
2017.04.Certification of Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards
2017.07.Participated in Seoul China Investment Week
2017.08.Registered patent for 『Exhalation Lung Function checking and Pulse Diagnosis System having a Tongue Diagnosis System』
2017.09.Commendation of Baek Woon-kyu, Minister of Trade, Industry and Transport


2011.02.Agreement on Industry-University Cooperation(Chungbuk National University)
2011.07.Agreement on Industry-University Cooperation for Meister high school in medical devices field (Wonju High School)
2011.09.Innovation Leader for BEST INNOVATION Company & Brand / Award in Medical and Health field (Sports Seoul)
2011.12.Commendation from Minister at Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2012.06.Agreement on Business to support the excavation of new business items (Daedeok Technology Commercialization Center)
2013.05.Grand Award for 100 Proud Korean Citizens in 2013 (Achievement Grand Award for Economic Development)
2013.08.Korean Filial Piety Grand Award for people who light up the Korean Society
(Achievement Grand Award for Medical Development)
2013.08.『3-Wavelength Tongue Diagnosis Distributed Imaging Diagnostic Medical Technology』
Certification of Health Technology (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2013.12.Commendation from Director at Korea Institute of Science and Technology
2014.01.The 256th Korea Silver Life Research Institute
2014.10.K-Club (kIST) Family Company
2015.03.Acquired ISO9001
2015.05.Acquired ISO13485
2015.07.Mass Production of human body-friendly Radiation Shielding Materials by using environment-friendly materials


2006.08.Brand Registration of DAISEUNG MEDICS
2007.04.Agreement on Industry-University Cooperation (Sangji University – Development of Tongue Diagnosis Imaging System)
2007.04.Opened Busan Branch
2008.04.Selected Management Innovation small and mid-sized company (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
2008.05.Established the department responsible for research development (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2008.07.Opened Daegu Branch
2009.03.Registered as Technology Innovation small/mid-sized company (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
2009.04.Agreement on Industry-University Cooperation (Keimyung University)
2009.04.Established Company-affiliated Research Institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2009.07.Award in Woman-friendly Economy field (Geumcheon District)
2008.10.Commendation for activating local economy in Geumcheon District (Seoul Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
2010.03.Awarded Economic Activation of Geumcheon District (Seoul Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


1994.04.Established Daeseung Medics Co., Ltd.
2001.01.Registered and Released 『Marking Machine for X-RAY』 (Utility Model 201-0002231)
2001.02.Registered and Released 『Stress Detecting Device for X-RAY』 (Utility Model 201-0002231)
2004.05.Factory Registration (Electric Diagnosis and Manufacturing Industry for Therapy Devices)